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We have expertise in applying many of the proven and latest web frameworks such as .NET Framework, Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin…

We have strong background in Node.js and other related technologies.

We are avaliable to supply you with all Java related services such as CDI, EJB, JSP/Servlets/Struts, JDBC, JSTL, JMS, JNDI, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle PL/SQL…

We have strong experience with Android SDK, Android NDK, Android Media APIs, location–based Service APIs, Wi–Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture…

We implemented number of projects utilizing Objective-C, iPhone SDK (OpenAL, Cocoa Touch, Quartz, OpenGL ES, Xcode, Interface Builder, etc.), OS X iPhone (Mac OS X), AJAX, PHP/XML

Why Choose Icefyre

Development process

It is more than clear that each project is unique, therefore it should be planned and executed according to adequate methodology which has already been proven on targeted type of project. Choosing the right software development methodology is an integral part of our team’s expertise. Our team had the opportunity to work on wide variety of project types and our knowledge base related to software development methodologies represents a real treasure for each team member.

After we get to know the project details from our client our team of experts analyzes all relevant aspects of this project (requirements maturity, targeted technology, project complexity, team size, deadline, development cost limitations, component reusability, risk clearness, scope clearness, required documentation …). The result of this analysis is a selected method of software development.

Verification & Validation (V&V) Lifecycle Methodologies represent one good example of group of software development methodologies used for enterprise projects.
Requirements Engineering – Requirements Validation. At this stage of the process the customer requirements are transformed to system requirements. A requirement validation based on predefined checklist is performed after the system requirements are completed.

System & SW Architectural Design – System & SW Architectural Validation. A high level design and architecture of the system is created. At this stage all technologies and third party components that will be used must be defined. A high level architecture diagram is created. Design validation is performed to determine if any conflicts or oversights were made in the design


Component Software Design – Design Validation. Each system component is designed in detail. All implementation details are documented at this stage. A low level design validation of each component is done to assure the design is correct and that it is compatible with other components.


Code development – Unit Test. Implementation based on the high and low level design is performed. Each component part will be covered by a unit test that assures that the individual component is implemented as designed.


Integration Build – Integration Test. After all code is completed a build that integrates all components is created. Integration testing is performed to verify all components still work correctly after the integration and to test scenarios that use more than one component.


Target Build – System test. A release candidate build is created. This build is a potential final version of the application. After the build is deployed on a test location a system test is performed. The system test covers all individual and integrates scenarios and it is the last test performed before the application is delivered.


Deployment Build – Acceptance Test. Release version of the application is built and deployed on the User acceptance environment. Based on the User acceptance plat testing if performed by the client to verify the application is ready for production.

About us

Offering quality IT Talent solutions across the globe

At IceFyre we understand how important your team is to the delivery of your projects and the challenge involved in finding the right skills. For this reason we have chosen to offer a global IT Talent service via our offices located in South Africa and Serbia.


We offer all levels of talent to cater for your coding needs. Our developers have worked on various project sizes and have mastered the art of delivering solutions remotely in a true agile fashion.


We can assist with coders to subsidise your existing project team or deliver your entire project, by provisioning a dedicated team to work solely on your project.

Our benefits include access to an array of top IT talent, ensuring quality development within the same time zone for Africa and Europe, an office location for developers to work, clear understanding of the Agile delivery process and a Team lead to help manage daily tasks at no extra cost.


All our clients are different and treated as such and no project is too big or too small, so please contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.